Interpreting the brief is KEY to any good design. If you feel like your designer just doesn’t *get* you, do not be afraid to change. Someone will, and it’s integral to your sanity and the success of the project that they do.

You may think that you don’t know what you want, but trust us when we tell you that deep down you do… you just need our help to communicate it. So once you’ve given us a few key words or shown us a few images you like, we get to work and we’re about to show you how we get from that point to the picture-perfect interiors you see all over Instagram.

For the purposes of this post, just assume we’ve presented the interior architectural elements, structural changes, furniture layouts, etc. (we will do a post on this too!) This one is purely focused on materials & furnishings.

Just FYI, the brief in this case was ‘more is more’ and boy did we run with it…



So like we briefly mentioned, we always start by getting an idea of the direction our client wants to go in - there’s no point presenting a neutral, traditional scheme if you live for colourful, mid-century interiors after all.

We almost always start with one image or sometimes something more abstract like a texture, but nevertheless this ‘thing’ becomes our sounding board.

Our main inspirations are fashion and just things we spot out and about and on holiday, but on this particular occasion it was a good old-fashioned Pinterest image which we just couldn’t get out of our head.

The sounding board is the gut feeling of *YES - we’re onto something!* and this one just clicked for us.


Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 15.43.47.png

Every image is cross-referenced against the sounding board to ensure we stay true to the brief. We design to any number of aesthetic (although all with our signature style running through) so doing things this way means that design remains specific to the brief in question.

We build a collection of inspirational images for each room. This typically does not include images of specific pieces, although we’ll bend the rules if there's something super integral to the design; for instance, this chest of drawers.

This part gives you a real feel for the proposed design direction.



Be honest - playing with fabrics is what you think interior designers do day in day out, right?

Well, as lovely as that would be, it accounts for such a small portion of the design process. However, it is vital.

Most people need to see and feel the finishes and textures we’re proposing so we present you with a tray of finishes for each room. We leave them loose so you can touch and feel to your heart’s content. Would that fabric make a comfortable sofa? Would that rug be practical? Ask away.

Our motto is liveable luxury so believe us when we say we won’t ever choose something that looks good but is highly impractical. We don’t want you to be on edge in your home!


Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 16.15.36.png

Is furniture what excites you? Well we’ll pick every piece for you and show you how they work together. A lot of thought and consideration goes into this so, even if it looks a little bonkers, have faith… that’s why you’ve brought us in to help!

At this point, we’ll also amend the floorplans to make sure that they reflect the actual size of each piece we’ve selected so you know you won’t end up with a cluttered or sparsely furnished space.

Still struggling to visualise the space? We can produce 3D visuals and more comprehensive CGIs for you.

We’ll do another post soon to breakdown how we detail and realise our designs, but for now, if you like our approach, please use our contact form to get in touch.

Victoria ⚡