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If you’re prone to an Insta-scrolling session like us, you’re sure to have heard of the uber-glam mum of 3, Laura Wills, aka The Fashion Bug Blog. Laura has a massive following of over 220K and has become a friend of ours since we were lucky enough to work with her on her second daughter’s nursery.

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A quick glimpse at her Instagram and you’ll find Laura doing the nursery run in her trusty Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps, rocking up to date night in the H&M x Giambattista Valli collaboration, and pulling off hugely successful collaborations with luxury brands such as Soru Jewellery (side note - keep your eyes peeled for our revamp of their offices!)

She makes it look easy. But the truth is Laura is first and foremost a devoted mum and wife juggling everything on the daily like the rest of us. Now I’m expecting my first child, it seemed like the perfect time to sit down and ask her just how does she do it?! Keep reading to find out…

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What does a typical day in your life look like?  How has your routine changed since having children? 

Typically I get up around 7ish although sometimes my children wake up earlier around 6:30. As I’m breastfeeding Luna exclusively I usually feed her first thing and luckily my husband is super hands on which definitely helps as he often has breakfast with our other two girls! Mornings are always a bit hectic as I do the nursery run so need to get Mila dressed and ready to leave the house. I’m pretty much always in sweatpants or something super casual until midday as I don’t have time to get myself ready in the morning. I then usually do something with Anoushka such as take her to the park or we do a music class on Thursdays and run some morning errands. The girls always nap from 1-3 so that gives me time to get myself together, work on my blog/Instagram or to go to a lunch meeting. In the afternoon I like to do something all together (Mila has 2 full days at nursery but otherwise I pick her up at 12 so after her nap we can all be together!) Late afternoons are always a bit hectic with dinner time and bath time - it can be total chaos sometimes but then it’s bedtime which is always so lovely - we generally all get into Anoushka’s cot and I read them stories and we have hugs and giggles! I can’t wait for the girls to share a room as they are so close but right now Anoushka still needs to sleep in her own room as otherwise she doesn’t fall asleep. Typically they are in bed by 7. I didn’t have a nanny for a long time but I am fortunate to have the choice to be able to get an extra pair of hands and shortly before Luna was born I decided it was time - with 3 children under the age of 3 I needed it! No day is ever the same but I do believe that routine is good for children so I stick to the same nap and bed times every day. I feel like my children naturally fell into a routine easily but it does also require commitment - I plan every day around their naps and meals so it’s not something that works for everyone. But when I get asked how I get my children to sleep all together or in their prams on holiday, that’s the answer - they are used to doing it everyday! 

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Which pieces should we invest in this Summer? 

There are so many gorgeous pieces out there. I would say a colourful dress - I love the Innika Choo ones. Zimmermann and Olivia Rubin are two of my other favourite brands. Some statement earrings (of course I love the ones I designed with Soru Jewellery!) and a big pair of sunnies (I live in my Alaia sunglasses!) Also my Loewe beach bag I bought recently has been such a good investment. 

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What are your go to beauty products? 

I love Tata Harper, Creme de la Mer and Pat McGrath lipgloss!

What are your must-follow Instagram accounts?

I love Nicola Bathie, Threads Styling, and Blair Eadie - she always has the most fabulous pictures (like this one on Brooklyn Bridge!)

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How would you describe your interior style? 

Neutral with some statement details. 

What are your top tips for designing a nursery?

Choose a theme - perhaps a wallpaper and then design the rest around that. I love a statement wallpaper - Fromental wallcoverings are gorgeous - and it’s easier to pick the rest of the pieces once you decide on the wallpaper (or paint if you choose to do that instead!) I would keep the rest quite neutral - you can always add details with bespoke cushions and trimmings. 

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What is your favourite hotel or restaurant design, home or abroad? 

I love Cap Rocat in Mallorca - sadly you can’t go with children!

And finally, what are your top tips for getting the perfect outfit shot?

Shoot from slightly below it always makes you look taller! 

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Victoria ⚡