Nature Squared x Bethan Gray

We were left feeling very inspired (and in awe) after seeing Bethan Gray’s collaboration with Nature Squared which helps to forefront sustainability and tackle environmental issues.

The Exploring Eden Collection is made up of ten pieces of iridescent furniture and accessories including armchairs, console tables and shelving units. Every piece of furniture is created using leftover materials from seafood and farming industries such as feathers and shells which would otherwise be discarded.

Bethan Gray, a British designer, and Nature Squared, a natural surface specialist met at a shared sink in their office building and went on to partner up to create pearlescent furnishings which have now been shown at this year’s Milan Design Week. Each piece is so very diverse and beautiful and what makes the collection even better and differentiated from others is how they are each piece is made using natural materials like capiz, pearl, scallop and pen shells.

Nature Squared purchases the shells direct from Filipino workers in the fishing community on the island of Negros where normally shells are considered rubbish. By purchasing the shells from them she is therefore giving natural waste materials a whole new life. Additionally, she employs 250 people in the Philippines who turn the shells in to luxury and outstanding surface materials. These amazing scallop shells come in a wide variety of natural colours from “acid yellow” through to “inky purple”.


Nature Squared also buys discarded pheasant and goose feathers from the British poultry industry, which Bethan Gray combines with jade to create a set of cylindrical side tables (which we have to quickly add, are gorgeous!). The goose feathers on the side tables are individually hand-tinted black from the base, graduating through to the natural white of the feather’s tip. They are then matched for size and symmetry, inlaid by hand and then sealed with a layer of clear resin.


We can’t resist… we have to share with you a few of our favourite pieces from this collection and of course, you are probably going to fall in love with the intricate detailing of each furnishing like we did.

Sophie 💫