Ikea Hack

We’re seeing more and more companies popping up promising to take Ikea cupboards and frames from basic to brilliant… I guess you could call it a glow up!

The hack is becoming increasingly popular as it can be a more affordable way of transforming a piece of furniture, or even a kitchen, without starting from scratch.

Customised fronts are a new and effective way of changing the look and style of a furnishing by adapting it to your exact taste. I feel like we’ve all been there when we’ve had a visit to Ikea and found the design just falling short. Well now all you need to is switch the doors, handles or legs to ones they’ve designed especially to fit, et voila! Sound simple? Well, that’s because it is… whatever you choose, your Ikea unit won’t be so basic anymore.

So that you can upgrade with confidence, we have sieved through many companies and put together a few of our favourites (in no particular order).

The end result is one that’s stylish and unique and we know you’ll love this simple hack!

Sophie 😁

Superfront is based in Sweden (will ship anywhere in Europe) and are known for their minimalist and geometric front designs. They have more than 14 million different combinations of furniture that fit Ikea’s most common cabinets and frames. What’s better is that they are all available in a wide range of colour choices too so you are bound to find what you are looking for.

Additionally, they can also make handles, legs, sides and tops for Ikea furniture such as their wardrobes and bathrooms.

English brand Custom Fronts accessorise kitchen cabinets, worktops, wardrobes, sideboards and bathrooms. Their designs are not only handmade but also extremely elegant and well thought about. Materials range from hardwoods to laminates to brass. They paint in house meaning they are able to match to almost any colour you wish.

With designers full of experience, you can feel at ease that someone is there to help you choose and make sure you make the right decision… after all, you want your kitchen to be a statement room.

Reform is based in trendy Copenhagen and offers worldwide shipping. They provide updates to IKEA furniture, specialising in kitchen cabinets and worktops, bathroom furniture and wardrobes.

No longer wanting people to have standard white and neutral furnishings, they definitely push the boat out and use colours as much as possible and the pay off is worth it whilst maintaining a classic look to each piece. We particularly love how they mix a few finishes together!

Fronteriors is a new company situated in Dubai who have recently started a new business venture to create a collection of fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops designed to fit IKEA’s most loved cabinet frames.

They have a very classic approach and use cane, stone, plywood and corian as their materials. As of yet they are currently not shipping to Europe *crying face* but keep your eyes peeled. Our favourite is their on trend cane doors!

Sophie 💫