Soho House: Get The Look

Talk about #InteriorGoals or what?! Soho House is a hotel chain and private members club, founded in 1995 for people in the creative industry. With 23 hotels based across the world, the interiors in every Soho House are something to behold.

All of the Soho House’s are different in style but they have at least the following in common: the effortlessly chic feel. They all offer guests an invitation to a comfortable and relaxing, but fun, atmosphere, created to give visitors that home-from-home vibe.

Looking at all the Soho Houses is enough to make you, quite literally, want to join the club. Full of reclaimed materials, bespoke furnishings and quirky twists on traditional decor at the heart of their designs, Soho House will never disappoint with their distinctive and individual approach to interior design.

If you look at Soho House hotels in detail, you will notice what differentiates them from others. They’re known for their love of texture and laidback but welcoming, almost lived-in look as well as their clever use of colour throughout the Houses - not loud but also not so neutral it looks bland. Just subtle splashes of colour paired together with earthy, calming tones, coming together to create something very special and far from the ordinary.

On your return home, you’ll probably be left feeling as though you want to see nothing but Soho House furnishings in all the rooms of your own home. You aren’t the only one; as a matter of fact, a lot of people go to the lengths of actually trying to replicate Soho House’s signature look in their own homes.

Well, do you want the good news now or later? Your wish is Soho House’s command and they have now blessed us all with ‘Soho Home’ - an online store where you can buy furniture, accessories and lighting either inspired by or used in their hotels across the world.

We constantly find ourselves scrolling through the unique finds so we thought it was only fair to share some of our most loved pieces with you.

Sophie 💫