Investment Pieces

We were shocked to learn that 22 million pieces of furniture are thrown out of homes every year. With the environment under such threat, we think it’s super important for everyone to start thinking more economically by investing in furniture and decor that you’re not going to fall out of love with in years to come. This doesn’t mean to say they need to be expensive, just that we shouldn’t approach design with such a disposable outlook.

There are definitely a few pieces of furniture that we believe should last a lifetime. We always ask clients if there is anything they still love in their homes before redesigning as we think you should make the most out of what you have. Rather than chucking away things like we used to, sourcing items that won’t date (even if it’s just in your eyes) is a great step in the right direction. Together with being beneficial for the environment, it will also work out well for those of you who choose to do it by being a money saver over time.


A good piece of artwork is always a great addition to any room and can bring character to a home by helping to reflect your own personality throughout the walls. Choosing artwork needn’t be difficult: simply choose pieces you love.

There is something out there for everyone no matter your price budget. We’ve even found great pieces at charity shops and car boot sales, and all you need to do is take it to be reframed to inject a new lease of life.

We recommend either going for something completely out of the ordinary and quite striking, almost a piece that makes you come to a standstill with a few colours used throughout it that you can use as as a colour scheme or something more simple and minimalist like fine line art.


A sofa is something that every home needs. It’s a place to sit, a place to sleep and even a place to eat. Unfortunately, every year thousands of tonnes of perfectly good and working sofas are thrown away.

If your sofa isn’t comfortable or doesn’t fit your room right, you’re more likely dislike it quicker and swap it out for something else so make sure you measure it (as obvious as it seems, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do this!) and put comfort at the top of your list.

Remember… if in a few years to come you aren’t so keen on the colour or fabric of your sofa anymore you don’t need to throw it away. Just get it reupholstered and it will look like a completely different sofa.


When you think about it, coffee tables serve a big purpose: put to use everyday by being a place to gather, somewhere to simply put your food or drink down on, show off accessories or artificial plants and even a place to do last minute work.

As well as being on the practical side, coffee tables can be a statement furniture to your sitting room as they are available in all shapes and sizes from basic to more detailed and intricate tables. There is always space for a coffee table in your sitting room and there’s definitely at least one for every home… trust us. If you have children, there are some child-friendly options with no corners such as circular coffee tables, some of which are gorgeous and available at a range of prices.

Which pieces have you invested in for your home? Let us know by commenting below.

Sophie 💫