The Red Thread

No, this journal post is not going to be based on the colour red like you may think. Instead, we will be talking about ‘The Red Thread’ which is a Scandinavian expression used to describe a unifying theme. When relating The Red Thread concept to interiors, it means that by using similar styles throughout your home you will maintain a regular theme, therefore, easily creating a more cohesive home.

Of course, it depends how far you want to take it but essentially, there should always be at least one element in your home that runs throughout your whole house to link everything together - whether it be a finish or a colour. Not only does it make your home look more finished than it would if you hadn't but it also allows each room to connect with one another.

If you find it hard to create a cohesive look to your home you are definitely not alone. But without you realising, sometimes, even the littlest of things, can help compliment one another. The way we look at it is, instead of viewing your home as a load of separate spaces, look at it as though it were one big room.

It’s so easy when you’re out and about to come across something and think “ooo! I like that for the sitting room.” and the next thing is you’ve purchased it… I hate to break it to you, but that may be the one thing that’s stopping you from having that cohesive home you dream of. Instead of paying attention to rooms separately and tackling them at different times, you need to remember they come as one in this sense.

First things first, you need to get an idea of what colour palette you want your home to have (remember, this is important as it will run all throughout your home) so if you’re a neutral kind of person, we suggest swaying more that way as this will play the main role; being used from walls to furniture to decor etc. Take our word for it, using a consistent colour scheme will truly tie each room together.

Secondly, pulling the same flooring through the rooms of your home, no matter the material, will give you the perfect canvas. Although, if this idea doesn’t sit with you too well, consider the colour and lightness/darkness of the flooring in one room and proceed to choose flooring that matches those exact elements. Another step to take is repeat fabrics and finishes just as you would colours so if you are out and see a cushion you like, stop for a second and remind yourself of the colour scheme in your home.

Follow these steps and you’ll be one step closer to having a cohesive home, we promise.

Sophie 💫