Eclectic Interiors

Design trends and styles come and go, but one that seems to stick around is eclecticism.


Eclectic design is all about using a mixture of different decorating styles. Achieving a successful eclectic interior requires mixing old with new and blending different elements that will in the end, look good together. Although eclectic rooms can look stylish, it is very easy to over do it and instead create a chaotic space with a miss-mash of styles and themes. Therefore, it is important that furnishings work with one another through contrasting colours, different shapes, juxtaposing textures and disparate finishes.

Eclecticism creates a timeless interior. By blending elements from different time periods, there is no real way for it to date. Due to this, it will work out cheaper in the long run as you’ll be making less changes to your home in the years to come (a massive bonus!)

DSC_9266_19.03.08_KETTLEWORKS_STUDIO_Hi Res.jpg

If the thought of pulling together a mix of furnishings seems intimidating, we’re here to help. A good place to start your eclectic journey is by adding a patterned, colourful rug to your space or if you’re feeling a bit more daring, layering rugs together in different shapes or textures. Additionally, make a statement by choosing a colourful sofa in a plush material.


As shown in the images, we like to incorporate eclecticism in to our clients homes by using cushions. We have added different coloured cushions to this clients sitting room but to ensure it doesn’t look too busy, we have kept the sofa and sideboard the same colour so that it all ties together. When using cushions you can begin to get more adventurous by playing with different patterns and colours, adding unexpected combinations of patterns that you wouldn’t normally pair together. The whole point of eclectic interiors is to be bold - don’t be afraid of clashing patterns and colour.

Artwork also plays a very important role when it comes to eclecticism. This is the perfect opportunity to add abstract paintings and make it pop. You can choose to display a few art pieces or even create a gallery wall to get the eclectic look. By mixing sizes and colours of prints together but using the same coloured frame you will ensure your space still looks clean and less jumbled.

Don’t give yourself too many boundaries. Have fun with the freedom eclecticism allows.

Sophie ✨