Coloured Grout

We’re always banging on about tiles in the studio, but we’ve recently realised that actually we could give a lot more thought to the grout.

Obviously we don’t just chuck any old colour in. We check it tones, we think about how much we want each individual tile to stand out. But what we hadn't thought about, is how we could use colour. Yes, real, actual, colour. We’re talking pinks, oranges, blues…

What’s so great is that you can inject colour into an otherwise neutral tile, match a coloured tile to give a seamless illusion, or use a totally contrasting colour for a bolder look.

Have we convinced you yet? Well before you go all guns blazing (because grout’s a real b**** to rake out), here’s the main thing to consider:

Light grout, or one similar to the colour of the tile, will make the space feel bigger as it adds only a little contrast and definition between tiles so your eye reads it as one big area.

Dark grout, or a really contrasting colour, will create a more defined pattern and add texture and interest to the room which is perfect for larger spaces.

And to make your life easier, we’ve discovered that Topps Tiles have a great selection of grouts and their BAL Micromax2 Colour Editions range is just perfect for the job with everything from pink to blue!

Is this vibe for you? Let us know in the comments below 👇🏼

Victoria ⚡