*Cue Coldplay*. ‘And it was all yellow…’

Yellow: a colour that instantly takes your mind to a sunny day. A vibrant but cheerful colour, guaranteed to brighten your mood when stumbled across.

Many people automatically turn to white paint when looking to have a brightening re-vamp to their homes. But why not try yellow? It gives that brightening effect just as well, but it can also give your home a touch more colour.

Yellow has always been around when it comes to paint, but we are now also seeing it make its way on to furnishings more and more. Due to yellow being such an upbeat colour, it can come in quite handy when you want to add some energy to your home.

As yellow is a fairly versatile colour - provided in a range of shades starting from a light lemon to a dark, almost orangey shade - it means there is always something out there to suit your home.

We get that yellow makes quite the statement, so we suggest dipping your feet in and getting a feel for it first by scattering a few yellow accessories here and there. Yellow cushions can be the first step a happier home. Adding them to a room with darker features can make the yellow pop and will allow the room to have a more vibrant feel to it.

If your hallway has an insufficient amount of light it can often make it look dark and gloomy. This is where yellow flowers might just become your new best friend. Not only do they bring a lovely welcoming, but they also reflect available light throughout the hallway. If you’re in it for the long run, purchase yellow artificial flowers so they last all year long and stay looking flawless. Looking for Inspo? We’ve given you all the best reasons to go for artificial plants.

If you’re feeling a bit more daring and want to stand out you can paint your front door a shade of yellow to help create a focal point in your entrance. Having a two toned door where each side is a different colour can work in any home, especially when you are using the interior door as a bright accent. Just a heads up - it is important that you have the edge matched to the same colour as the interior. We suggest using FARROW & BALL (YELLOWCAKE #279) for the interior and FARROW & BALL (DOWN PIPE #26) on the exterior for a beautifully bold door.

We’ve picked some of our favourite yellow home furnishings and accessories for you. Our favourites have to be the spindle dining chair & champagne coupe!

Sophie ✨