Interior Design Trends 2019

As professionals in the industry, it’s vital that we keep up to date with design trends so grab your notebook, a pen and a drink (alcoholic or not… we won’t tell if you don't), sit back and let us reveal the top 2019 interior trends that we are feeling so far.

Just as a small disclaimer, we aren’t suggesting you go crazy and redecorate your whole home. Use these trends for inspiration and make sure you do you. Your home should be full of what you love, not what others do.


As much as we love a bright, white kitchen it might be time to switch to the dark side. It’s sure to be a head turner.

You don’t necessarily have to dive in to the deep end with this trend by going all out. Instead, you can incorporate some deeper colours in to your kitchen and combine with lighter tones. By keeping the walls and floors light you will create a balance in colours that will result in a beautiful, contrasting kitchen.


Honestly, we don’t know why this hasn’t been done sooner. Arranging metro tiles vertically creates a twist on the standard whilst giving the illusion of a taller room - something very beneficial for those of you whose homes lack in that department.


Constantly dreaming of strolling around tropical destinations? Bring that dream to reality by connecting your home using botanical prints. There has been a rise in this trend meaning you can take this jungle trend as far as you’d like whilst still maintaining a chic and sophisticated home. Our favourite way to introduce this theme is by adding a bold printed wallpaper.


Combining metals with one another can be the answer to adding visual interest to a room. The first step is to not be afraid of mixing tones. Think long and hard about what finishes appeal to you and then pick your favourite metal alongside others that work well as accents.

Whether your favourite metal is warm or cool, ensure the others are the opposite. This will help balance the room. If you’re nervous of things looking busy, just stick to two.


Not only do bar carts offer style but they also provide such convenience, especially for those dinner parties. Bar trolleys provide a space for you to lay out your fancy bottles and glasses in addition to allowing a place for organisation and storage. Available in all shapes and sizes, there is one out there for everybody’s taste.

We want one now just so we can style it!


Concrete gives bathrooms that raw character that many people now love and concrete basins are sure to make a statement.

Unsure about using the basic, sometimes dull, colour of concrete? Luckily for you, concrete is a material that can not only be made in any shape, but can also be customised in a range of colours. Concrete basins can provide texture and can easily become a piece of furniture that gives a pop of colour.


Cane is a natural material which is found inside a stem of rattan that can be twisted in to many shapes, making itself the ideal candidate for chair seats and backs amongst other furniture pieces.

Cane furniture immediately adds texture and allows light to seep through the detailing. Not only does it look great, it’s also extremely hardwearing. It’s an especially forgiving material when it comes to damage and spillage which is perfect for those of you who are a bit clumsy like us.


Just the way terrazzo is made is enough to win us over. It’s created using pieces of marble, quartz, granite or glass and then poured with a binder.

Terrazzo can be used for flooring, countertops and wallcoverings. It’s known for its versatility, ranging in a wide variety of colour combinations so it can quickly help to introduce soft hints of colour to a room, allowing extra creativity when it comes to your interiors.

If you’re not super keen on committing to this trend for the longterm, then you can add a touch of terrazzo to your home by purchasing accessories such as vases or trays.


Purchasing pampas grass just might be one of the greatest things you’ll do this year. Pampas grass is a type of grass, tall in size, with ‘silky flowering plumes’ originating in South America but easily grown in UK gardens. The pampas grass instantly adds a touch of glamour to your space.

We love the classic neutral, but it’s also available in an array of colours meaning yes, you can get the plant in bolder colours such as pink. The perfect accent piece to add to a neutral room that lacks a bit of colour.


Give your home some oomph by adding in a statement ceiling. We would all do well to treat them with a ‘fifth wall’ mindset.

Not only does it give the impression that you have paid a bucket load of attention to your home, but it also truly gives your home that finished look. Using a lick of paint is a good start, but going that extra mile and using wallpaper will liven it up that bit more, adding both colour and texture. You could even wrap your tile or wallpaper from ceiling to wall to floor.


Fringing adds some extra decorative detail to furniture. Although a trend that has been around for many years, it seems to be making its way back in to peoples’ homes with a modern upgrade.

When you think of fringed furniture I’m sure your mind probably goes straight to the more statement pieces. But, in fact, fringing is available on throws and natural baskets for that more relaxed and boho feel. Fringed furniture such as cushions, chairs and lights can be an easy to way to add a luxury but striking vibe to rooms when styled correctly. Recently, we have seen an increase in fringed mirrors which can become a playful and bold accent to any room.


If you’re wanting to make a bit more of a statement in your kitchen then look no further. A bold backsplash is your answer. (You can thank us later!)

First tip: push the boat out and stay away from standard white tiles. Instead, lean towards mosaic, geometric, marble and any other tile finishes that tickle your fancy - all of which can be found in dark tones or more colourful options. Make sure you go for something captivating to ensure you really achieve that bold backsplash: this is a trend that can’t be done by halves.


Patterned floor tiles are a one way ticket to adding an eye-catching feature to your home.

Installing patterned floor tiles will completely transform your room from bleak to chic. Being such a dominant feature, you will want to ensure that you keep everything else in the room low-key but just enough to help compliment the flooring. In fact, the more striking the flooring, the more neutral your furnishings should be.

We recommend going for bolder patterns such as geometric and mosaic tiles to make your bathroom a place to shine (and get ready).

Sophie 😄✨