World Bee Day

It’s World Bee Day so today’s post is in honour of these incredible creatures who are integral to our ecosystem.

Photo credit - Paloma Rincon

Photo credit - Paloma Rincon

According to Friends of the Earth, 35 species of UK bees species are under threat of extinction, and all species face serious threats. Right now, they need us almost as much as we need them.

The decline in bees' diversity and abundance would have a serious impact on how our natural world functions. This includes our food crops as bees pollinate much of the food that makes our diets healthy.

So how can you help?

One of the best things you can do is to make or buy a bee hotel. There are loads of tutorials on Pinterest but we’ve linked some of our favourites below just in case you’re short on time.

And if you spot a tired bee, mix equal parts warm water and sugar. Place near the bee’s head in a bottle cap or something similar to give a much-needed energy boost.

So if you want to help make a difference, you can get more tips and make a charitable donation here:

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Friends of the Earth

And you can shop some of our favourite bee-themed accessories below because we think they’re pretty.

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