Plug-In Wall Lights

Although wall lights can look great, they can also be a bit of a pain in the (you know what) to install. So, when plug-in wall lights came to light we jumped at the chance to use them.


Not only can they save you the stress of finding an electrician, but they also save you a lot of money AND hassle - all that is needed is you and a plug socket. They can be hung at any height and immediately add that ‘laid-back’ look to your home as well as becoming a focal point. What’s better is that they can somewhat save you some space. Rather than having a table lamp taking up loads of room on a side or bedside table, they can give you the space needed to lay out magazines, flowers or whatever else tickles your fancy.


So here’s a major shout out to plug-in wall lights. Thanks for saving us the blood, sweat and domestics.

If plug-in wall lights sound like a bit of you, we have chosen a few of our favourites for you.

Sophie ✨